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AI is changing the way we learn 👩🏼‍🎨

Thanks to tools like chatgpt, education is evolving and exciting. Forward-thinking schools embrace AI, viewing it as a chance to set students up for tomorrow's world. 📚✨

Teacher burnout has reached critical levels, with 44% of K-12 teachers frequently experiencing it, leading to a crisis in education quality and retention​​. This is not simply a matter of personal stress for educators; it translates into a substantial economic burden for school districts. When teachers depart, schools incur significant costs in recruiting and training new staff, which can amount to up to 20% of the departing teacher's salary per incident.​

ai powered learning

Harness the power of AI to create class content in under 30 seconds for any subject matter. With support for 95+ languages, our platform provides educators with AI-generated content that fosters critical thinking and promotes a more profound understanding for students.

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Our system understands specific curriculum data, offering personalized lessons and adaptable teaching strategies with AI-driven insights. It’s an era of intelligent learning, where educators are equipped to meet the diverse needs of every classroom. Forget cookie-cutter learning; let's focus on what works

custom data for educators

Lumos web empowers educators with tailored insights and tools to enhance content creation. The cost of teacher turnover due to burnout affects school budgets, with districts spending up to 20% of a teacher's salary on recruitment and training for each replacement.

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Generate flashcards in under 30s

Instant Flashcards: Using AI, Lumos pulls information from a database of resources, turning it into comprehensive flashcards in mere seconds. Cut down your time on manual note-taking and focus more on learning.

Personalized Study: Our sorting algorithm categorizes your flashcards based on the study topic, creating a personalized and organized study deck, enhancing engagement and retention.

Multilingual Support: With Lumos, language is no barrier to learning. Generate flashcards in multiple languages and explore diverse study materials without language constraints.

Progress Tracking: Keep your learning on track with Quizzy's progress bar. You can monitor your improvement over time, providing a clear visual representation of your learning journey. Tap on the flashcard to see the answer!

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Custom data for educators

Empowering Teaching with Tailored Insights

At Lumos, we understand that every educator and classroom is unique. That's why we're excited to introduce custom data solutions in our upcoming web version, designed to empower educators with tailored insights and tools to enhance the learning experience for students in their classrooms.

Lumos Web offers more than the AI flashcards on our iOS app.

  • Supports multiple teachers in a department
  • It supports a larger context and more generations
  • Custom pricing built on curriculum needs per student

Personalized Learning at Your Fingertips

Our platform leverages AI to analyze specific curriculum data and generate insights specific to your student's learning patterns. This means you can easily customize lesson plans, identify areas where students may struggle, and adjust your teaching strategies to meet their needs.

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Why children love learning with Lumos 🧑🏽‍💻

Interactive and Engaging Our unique blend of AI-generated and creator-made content makes learning more effective and engaging.

Customized Learning Experience

With our cutting-edge AI and deep understanding of learning patterns, Lumos creates a tailored learning experience that evolves with you. Study at your own pace and level, focusing on learning how you want.

Stay Inspired

We turn study time into an enjoyable habit. With Lumo's interactive flashcards and generative AI features, you'll look forward to every learning session.

Unleash the Fun

Who said learning had to be boring? With Lumos, each day is a new adventure. Dive into a universe of playful content, exciting badges, and rewarding creator experiences

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