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Reduces admin workload by creating content on any topic in seconds.

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We streamline day-to-day admin work to deliver exceptional education to every student ✨


of K-12 teachers face burnout, impacting education quality and retention

10+ hours

spent weekly to create content that is tailored to each student

Generate content in 30 seconds.

Instant Quiz Creation: Lumos quickly crafts quizzes in multiple formats, adapting to learning styles and saving educators time.

Flashcard Generation: Generate topic-specific flashcards in seconds with Lumos, supporting active recall and personalized learning.

Automated Reports & Plans: Lumos offers easy-to-create reports and learning plans, helping teachers focus on student progress.

Creative Freedom, Less Admin: Automating tasks with Lumos gives educators more time to innovate and connect with students.

Custom data for educators

Empowering Teaching with Tailored Insights Based on Any Curriculum

Lumos Web is designed to empower educators with custom data, offering tailored insights and tools to enhance student learning. It supports entire departments with expansive content generation capabilities and custom pricing to meet the curriculum needs of each student without breaking the bank.

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Create the content you need at the exact moment you need it.

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