Lumos Pro Is The Way To Go.

  • AI-Powered Learning: Create class content in under 30 seconds for any subject, supporting 95+ languages for truly global education.
  • Engaging Study Material: Leverage AI to generate personalized lessons and adaptable teaching strategies, promoting critical thinking and deep understanding.
  • Custom Data for Educators: Utilize tailored insights and tools from Lumos web to optimize content creation and address the high costs associated with teacher turnover due to burnout, potentially saving up to 20% of a teacher's salary in recruitment and training costs.

Reap The Benefits Today.

Lumos for Educators

  • Save More Than Just Flashcards: Engage with quizzes, worksheets, and a variety of content forms for comprehensive study sessions.
  • Work on Lumos Web: Access custom data tailored to your school's curriculum for enhanced content creation and classroom experience.
  • Unrestricted Access: Enjoy Lumos with no daily usage limits, ensuring you have the freedom to learn and teach at your pace.


Lumos Basic

  • Flashcard Savings

: Cannot privately save flashcards.

  • Access

: Limited generations per day.

  • Slower Model

: Slower flashcard generation

  • Basic UGC Access